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Pat Gedeon is a vocalist, guitarist and songwriter from the heart Europe with fans worldwide. He started singing at an early age influenced by pop and rock musicians from U.S. and Europe. Performing as a lead Vocalist in bands such as Advertia and Leave This Behind he played many live shows with many known Bands(Tour with Ine Kafe). Later he decided to start creating more under his solo project Pat Gedeon or Gedeon Music. In April of 2015 he unveiled his debut EP, Black Bird Flying. Fueled by mysterious sounds of the acoustic guitar and baritone voice variations in its unplugged version the EP reflected his life over the previous years, during which he also graduated in Psychology. His first studio album with the title Zero State was released on February 2017. Working on his studio album "Simple Love" Pat Gedeon released a track called Beetle In a Bottle in October 2017 with a music video that had a great amount of support from his loyal fans. In November 2017 he released the album Simple Love. Love and work go hand in hand and as we progress in life we learn more about ourselves. He performed many live shows in Europe. Alongside Funnylicious Improv Theater he performed as a guitarist and shared some of his stories at the Storytelling events. Pat Gedeon also had the chance to perform at Laugh Factory stage in L.A. United States. When the pandemic started Pat Gedeon used the quatantine time well and started working on a new album and a new vision. In 2020 he released the studio album Big Dreams In A Small City. Right now Pat is in the studio again working on his newest album In Eternal releasing in 12/12/2022.

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Pat Gedeon is a rock musician currently based in Europe. BIO

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